Phagocytic crosstalk between neutrophils and macrophages in rheumatoid arthritis


During the inflammatory response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), neutrophils show targeted migration towards distinct anatomical niches, such as the synovial cavity and the synovial fat pad, also populated by heterogeneous macrophage populations. There, neutrophils undergo different cell death modalities, apoptosis and NETosis. We hypothesize that neutrophil subpopulations individually drive RA pathogenesis through their clearance by macrophages. Hence, our studies will provide valuable information on neutrophil-driven macrophage inflammatory responses, focusing on the effects of neutrophil cell death in macrophages.



Rapid and Fully Automated Blood Vasculature Analysis in 3D Light-Sheet Image Volumes of Different Organs

Spangenberg, P.; Hagemann, N.; Squire, A.; Förster, N.; Krauß, S. D.; Qi, Y.; Yusuf, A. M.; Wang, J.; Grüneboom, A.; Kowitz, L.; Korste, S.; Totzeck, M.; Cibir, Z.; Tuz, A. A.; Singh, V.; Siemes, D.; Struensee, L.; Engel, D. R.; Ludewig, P.; Nascentes Melo, L. M.; Helfrich, I.; Chen, J.; Gunzer, M.; Hermann, D. M.; Mosig, A. 

2023 Cell Reports Methods