The role of the phosphatases CD45 and CD148 in the onset and progression of rheumatoid arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an systemic autoimmune disorder characterized by chronic inflammation and synovial infiltration of immune cells. In the arthritic joint, neutrophils are the most abundant population. Phosphatases, and in particular CD45 and CD148, are key molecules in the regulation of neutrophils at the site of inflammation. This study will shed light on how CD45 and CD148 drive leukocyte recruitment during the different phases of arthritis and may hence lay the foundation for a therapeutic approach modulating neutrophil infiltration.



Neutrophils - Biology and Diversity

Maier-Begandt, D.; Alonso-Gonzalez, N.; Klotz, L.; Erpenbeck, L.; Jablonska, J.; Immler, R.; Hasenberg, A.; Mueller, T. T.; Herrero-Cervera, A.; Aranda-Pardos, I.; Flora, K.; Zarbock, A.; Brandau, S.; Schulz, C.; Soehnlein, O.; Steiger, S.; the TRR332 consortium.

2023 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation