The role of Ly6g and CD177 as “eat me” signals to control neutrophil-mediated tissue destruction in stroke DE


Among murine leukocytes neutrophils exclusively express high levels of Ly6G. The human analogue, CD177, is lacking on neutrophils in ~5% of the general population. However, the functional role of both molecules remains unknown. In this project, we will investigate the hypothesis that Ly6G/CD177mediates the phagocytosis of brain-infiltrating neutrophils through microglia. By elucidating the underlying mechanisms, we aim to identify means for its selective therapeutic modulation in stroke. In a clinical setting we will investigate the importance of CD177 for the outcome and future clinical management of human stroke.



Stroke and Myocardial Infarction Induce Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Release Disrupting Lymphoid Organ Structure and Immunoglobulin Secretion

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Rapid and Fully Automated Blood Vasculature Analysis in 3D Light-Sheet Image Volumes of Different Organs

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