Soluble and crystalline metabolites as modulators of neutrophil function


Soluble and crystalline metabolites have immunomodulatory effects on immune cells that affect various forms of sterile inflammation especially when kidney failure impairs metabolite excretion. The overarching aim of this proposal is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of how soluble and crystalline metabolites (uric acid, oxalate and cholesterol) impact on neutrophil functions including phagocytosis, migration, and NET release, hence yielding insights with potential therapeutic relevance.



Neutrophils - Biology and Diversity

Maier-Begandt, D.; Alonso-Gonzalez, N.; Klotz, L.; Erpenbeck, L.; Jablonska, J.; Immler, R.; Hasenberg, A.; Mueller, T. T.; Herrero-Cervera, A.; Aranda-Pardos, I.; Flora, K.; Zarbock, A.; Brandau, S.; Schulz, C.; Soehnlein, O.; Steiger, S.; the TRR332 consortium.

2023 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation