Host-pathogen interactions in neutrophils


In this proposal, we will decipher the role of coronin 1A (CORO1A) and its interacting partner secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 3 (SCAMP3) for pathogen escape strategies in neutrophils upon infection with Helicobacter pylori and Mycobacterium species. As these pathogens recruit CORO1A to their intracellular niche, we will study how CORO1A and SCAMP3 may be hijacked by these pathogens to circumvent host defence. The identification of these molecular mechanisms may improve our understanding of neutrophil-dependent pathogen escape strategies and can lead to the development of novel therapeutic concepts.



Neutrophils - Biology and Diversity

Maier-Begandt, D.; Alonso-Gonzalez, N.; Klotz, L.; Erpenbeck, L.; Jablonska, J.; Immler, R.; Hasenberg, A.; Mueller, T. T.; Herrero-Cervera, A.; Aranda-Pardos, I.; Flora, K.; Zarbock, A.; Brandau, S.; Schulz, C.; Soehnlein, O.; Steiger, S.; the TRR332 consortium.

2023 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation

Human Genetic Defects in SRP19 and SRPRA Cause Severe Congenital Neutropenia with Distinctive Proteome Changes

Linder, M. I.; Mizoguchi, Y.; Hesse, S.; Csaba, G.; Tatematsu, M.; Łyszkiewicz, M.; Zietara, N.; Jeske, T.; Hastreiter, M.; Rohlfs, M.; Liu, Y.; Grabowski, P.; Ahomaa, K.; Maier-Begandt, D.; Schwestka, M.; Pazhakh, V.; Isiaku, A.; Briones Miranda, B.; Blombery, P.; Saito, M. K.; Rusha, E.; Alizadeh, Z.; Pourpak, Z.; Kobayashi, M.; Rezaei, N.; Unal, E.; Hauck, F.; Drukker, M.; Walzog, B.; Rappsilber, J.; Zimmer, R.; Lieschke, G. J.; Klein, C.

2023 Blood