Spangenberg, P.; Hagemann, N.; Squire, A.; Förster, N.; Krauß, S. D.; Qi, Y.; Yusuf, A. M.; Wang, J.; Grüneboom, A.; Kowitz, L.; Korste, S.; Totzeck, M.; Cibir, Z.; Tuz, A. A.; Singh, V.; Siemes, D.; Struensee, L.; Engel, D. R.; Ludewig, P.; Nascentes Melo, L. M.; Helfrich, I.; Chen, J.; Gunzer, M.; Hermann, D. M.; Mosig, A. 

2023 Cell Reports Methods

Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) can produce high-resolution tomograms of tissue vasculature with high accuracy. However, data processing and analysis is laborious due to the size of the datasets. Here, we introduce VesselExpress, an automated software that reliably analyzes six characteristic vascular network parameters including vessel diameter in LSFM data on average computing hardware. VesselExpress is ∼100 times faster than other existing vessel analysis tools, requires no user interaction, and integrates batch processing and parallelization. Employing an innovative dual Frangi filter approach, we show that obesity induces a large-scale modulation of brain vasculature in mice and that seven other major organs differ strongly in their 3D vascular makeup. Hence, VesselExpress transforms LSFM from an observational to an analytical working tool.