Organ-specific priming during granulopoiesis generates neutrophil subsets


Neutrophils are traditionally been looked upon as a homogenous population of short-lived, end-differentiated, and transcriptionally silent leukocytes. In this project, we will develop a concept of neutrophil heterogeneity based on the organ-dependent specification of neutrophil progenitors to differentiate into distinct neutrophil lineages. Multi-omics analyses and functional studies will reveal the contribution of splenic and bone marrow neutrophils to regulation of the immune response and tissue damage during inflammation.



Neutrophils - Biology and Diversity

Maier-Begandt, D.; Alonso-Gonzalez, N.; Klotz, L.; Erpenbeck, L.; Jablonska, J.; Immler, R.; Hasenberg, A.; Mueller, T. T.; Herrero-Cervera, A.; Aranda-Pardos, I.; Flora, K.; Zarbock, A.; Brandau, S.; Schulz, C.; Soehnlein, O.; Steiger, S.; the TRR332 consortium.

2023 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation

The RNA editor ADAR2 promotes immune cell trafficking by enhancing endothelial responses to interleukin-6 during sterile inflammation

Gatsiou, A.; Tual-Chalot, S.; Napoli, M.; Ortega-Gomez, A.; Regen, T.; Badolia, R.; Cesarini, V.; Garcia-Gonzalez, C.; Chevre, R.; Ciliberti, G.; Silvestre-Roig, C.; Martini, M.; Hoffmann, J.; Hamouche, R.; Visker, J. R.; Diakos, N.; Wietelmann, A.; Silvestris, D. A.; Georgiopoulos, G.; Moshfegh, A.; Schneider, A.; Chen, W.; Guenther, S.; Backs, J.; Kwak, S.; Selzman, C. H.; Stamatelopoulos, K.; Rose-John, S.; Trautwein, C.; Spyridopoulos, I.; Braun, T.; Waisman, A.; Gallo, A.; Drakos, S. G.; Dimmeler, S.; Sperandio, M.; Soehnlein, O.; Stellos, K.

2023 Immunity