TRR332 contributes to special issue on neutrophils

The special issue ‘Neutrophils and Friends’ was published in March 2023 in Immunological Reviews, a prime review journal in immunology. The issue was put together by Marco Cassatella (Verona, Italy) and William Nauseef (Iowa City, USA) and covers all relevant aspects of neutrophil biology including neutrophil crosstalk with other cells of the immune system as well as prokaryotes at the mucosa, regulation of the phagosome, as well as the role of neutrophils in cancer. Investigators of the TRR332 were invited to contribute three articles to this special issue, one on the role of neutrophils in trained immunity led by Trian Chavakis, one on neutrophil diversity in cancer led by Sven Brandau, and one article on neutrophils in ageing led by Oliver Soehnlein.