The Collaborative Research Centre TRR332 is a DFG-funded consortium dedicated to develop an improved understanding of neutrophil biology. Our studies will reveal mechanisms of how the tissue environment regulates neutrophil production and phenotypes, how neutrophil activity is controlled intracellularly and how neutrophils function in different disease contexts. Such approach will not only reveal important aspects of the fine-tuned regulatory mechanisms of neutrophil activation but also permit the generation of tailored intervention strategies.


The art of neutrophils

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Apr 23, 2024

flashlight talk A3

invited lecture by Ron Heeren (Maastricht University)
Molecular imaging at cellular resolution: Mass Microscopy in action
MFZ Seminarraum EG 0.005


Apr 30, 2024

journal club A4

May 07, 2024

flashlight talk A5

invited lecture by Alex Weber (University of Tübingen)
naRNA-LL37 composite DAMPs characterize sterile NETs as natural breakers of self-RNA tolerance for transient inflammation
MPI Münster Lecture Hall