Seminarreihe (Hybrid):

  • 16:00 Get together
  • 16:40 Flashlight talks
  • 17:00 Invited lecture

Journal Club:

  • 17:00 - Über Zoom


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Febr. 27, 2024 flashlight talk INF

invited lecture by Carsten Marr (Helmholtz Muenchen)
Improving the diagnosis, therapy and understanding of severe blood diseases with AI
MPI Münster lecture hall

März 05, 2024 journal club INF
März 12, 2024 flashlight talk A1

invited lecture by Kim Martinod (KU Leuven)
NETs at the interface of immunity and thrombosis in Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis
MPI lecture hall

März 19, 2024 journal club A1
März 26, 2024 flashlight talk A2

invited lecture by Max Nieuwdorp (University of Amsterdam)
Using FMT to dissect causality of gutmicrobiota in human (cardiometabolic) disease
MPI Münster lecture hall

Apr. 02, 2024 journal club A2
Apr. 09, 2024 flashlight talk A4

invited lecture by Jo van Ginderachter (Brussels University)
Infection history imprints prolonged changes to the Kupffer cell epigenome, transcriptome and function
MFZ Seminarraum EG 0.005

Apr. 16, 2024 journal club A3
Apr. 23, 2024 flashlight talk A3

invited lecture by Ron Heeren (Maastricht University)
Molecular imaging at cellular resolution: Mass Microscopy in action
MFZ Seminarraum EG 0.005


Apr. 30, 2024 journal club A4
Mai 07, 2024 flashlight talk A5

invited lecture by Alex Weber (University of Tübingen)
Title tba
MPI Münster Lecture Hall


Mai 14, 2024 journal club A5
Mai 21, 2024 Journal Club A6
Mai 28, 2024 flashlight talk A6

invited lecture tba

host: LMU

Juni 04, 2024 Journal Club C2
Juni 11, 2024 journal club B1
Juni 18, 2024 flashlight talk A7

invited lecture by Christian Kurts (University of Bonn)
Role of Neutrophils in Kidney inflammation and infection

Juni 25, 2024 flashlight talk B1

invited lecture by Arthur Liesz (University of München)
Title to be announced
MPI lecture hall

Sep 03, 2024 flashlight talk B2

invited lecture by Sara Wickström (MPI Münster)
Title t.b.a.
MPI Münster lecture hall

Sep 10, 2024 journal club B2
Sep 15, 2024 SFB TRR 332 Retreat


Sep 17, 2024 Symposium

International Symposium Neutrophil 2024


Sep 24, 2024 flashlight talk B3

invited lecture by Denis Schapiro (Heidelberg University)
Title t.b.a.
MPI Münster lecture hall


Okt. 01, 2024 journal club B3
Okt. 03, 2024 Maustag 2024

Science outreach

Okt. 08, 2024 flashlight talk B4

invited lecture by Yuval Shaked (Israel Institute of Technology),
Title to be announced
host: UDE

Okt. 15, 2024 journal club B4
Okt. 22, 2024 flashlight talk B5

invited lecture by Iris Helfrich (LMU),
Title to be announced
host: UDE

Okt. 29, 2024 journal club B5
Nov. 05, 2024 flashlight talk C1

invited lecture by Jörg Renkawitz (LMU München)
Mechanobiology of Immune Responses: from Cell Motility to NETosis 

host: LMU

Nov. 11, 2024 International day of science

Science outreach

Nov. 12, 2024 journal club C1
Nov. 19, 2024 flashlight talk C2

invited lecture by Adrian Schreiber (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
Title to be announced

Nov. 26, 2024 journal club C2
Dez. 03, 2024 flashlight talk C3

invited lecture by Vincenzo Bronte (University of Verona)
Title to be announced

Dez. 10, 2024 journal club C3
Dez. 17, 2024 flashlight talk C5

invited lecture by Charlotte Scott (VIB-Uni Gent)
Title to be announced
MPI lecture hall

Jan. 07, 2025 journal club C5
Jan. 14, 2025 flashlight talk C6

invited lecture t.b.a., host: UDE

Jan. 21, 2025 journal club C6
Jan. 28, 2025 flashlight talk C7

invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU

Febr. 04, 2025 journal club C7
Febr. 11, 2025 flashlight talk Z1

invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU/UDE

Febr. 18, 2025 journal club Z1
Febr. 25, 2025 flashlight talk INF

invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU

März 04, 2025 journal club INF