Tim Lämmermann joins the TRR332

We are pleased to announce that Tim Lämmermann will join the TRR332 with a new project, starting July 1st 2024. Tim has been appointed full professor and director of the Medical Biochemistry at the University of Münster in autumn 2023, moving his research on neutrophil and immune cell dynamics from the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg to Münster. With Tim’s recruitment, the TRR332 further strengthens and broadens its expertise on aspects of neutrophil dynamics.

Neutrophil swarming: A critical process of the neutrophil tissue response

In his previous work, Tim has made fundamental discoveries on the mechanisms of how immune cells migrate, using very flexible shape changes for their movement within tissues. Neutrophils are the prototype of this so-called amoeboid migration. Additionally, Tim has investigated neutrophil swarming, a process that occurs in response to sterile tissue injuries or infections in the body. He identified key molecules and mechanisms controlling individual phases of the swarming response, when many individual neutrophils communicate with each other and coordinate their movement as a group to concentrate their combined antimicrobial capacity. His research and collaborative work with other members of the TRR332 aim at investigating critical metabolic pathways, in particular glucose metabolism, that underlie the self-organization behavior of swarming neutrophils.

Tim Lämmermann joins TRR332