Inspiring enthusiasm for science in children

We are all passionate about our research and sharing and spreading this enthusiasm is an important part of our work. Children are naturally curious, so talking to them about science and nurturing their interest in the world that surrounds us is especially rewarding.


Recently, Luise Erpenbeck, a dermatologist at the UKM and researcher within the TRR332, spent one morning teaching 2nd graders at the Peter-Wust primary school in Münster Mecklenbeck about different aspects of the skin: it’s structure, functions and some common skin diseases. The children not only got to ask all of the questions they could come up with regarding skin, but they also spend time looking at skin sections under the microscope. “It was much easier than expected to keep the children engaged for a long time” says Prof. Erpenbeck. “They asked so many excellent questions, many based on really smart observations, like what happens to the skin after I scrape my knee”. The microscope was also a big success with the children. “It was amazing to see how much fun they had using the microscope and how well they applied the previously learned theory on skin structure to what they were seeing”.


Hopefully, the 2nd graders now understand how important it is to keep one’s skin protected and well cared for, but also how fascinating science and medicine can be.