TRR332 awards pilot and strategic grants

To support early stage scientists and to support strategic developments, TRR332 has awarded a total of four grants. Submitted grants were reviewed by the scientific advisory board and the following applications were chosen for funding:

Sebastian Bessler (Institute of Hygiene) & Mathis Richter (Institute of Experimental Pathology, WWU): Multimodal phenotyping of neutrophils using multiplex immunohistochemistry and MALDI-2-MS imaging on the single-cell level (Pilot project)

Nina Hagemann (Department of Neurology, UDE): Characterization of neutrophil activation after focal transient ischemia and the specific role of Ly6G in adult and diseased brain (Pilot project)

Raphael Chevre (Institute of Experimental Pathology, WWU) & Fengjun Zhang (Institute of Experimental Pathology & WWU IT, WWU): Benchmarking of single-cell RNA sequencing protocols for multicentric and longitudinal analysis of neutrophil transcriptomics (strategic project)

Carlos Silvestre-Roig (Institute of Experimental Pathology, WWU): Visualizing neutrophil maturation in context: generation of a reporter mouse model for immature neutrophils (strategic project)


Congratulations to all awardees and good luck for your project. The next call for pilot and strategic projects will be released in January 2024.